Static HTML Output Documentation

Static HTML Output is a static site generator for WordPress. A static site benefits from increased security, performance and portability. It often allows for greatly reduced hosting costs, with many free static site hosts now available.

Open Source with no restrictions

Our code is free and open source. Public domain’d via The Unlicense, so you can rebrand it and sell it for profit, use it behind the scenes in your hosting company or embed it in your smart-refrigerator. We can’t restrict how you’ll use it, but hope you’ll use it to add some real value to the world.

First steps

Are you new to static sites or looking for the differences between Static HTML Output and other static site generators?

Getting started with Static HTML Output

Prepare to go static for the first time and maintain an ideal workflow.

Advanced usage

Create more technical workflows or extend plugin functionality.


Get involved with the users and developers of Static HTML Output.