Decisions to make

Static HTML Output is flexible to serve a variety of use cases. A solo developer is likely to have a different ideal workflow than a large agency with 100’s of clients and staff. A point-and-click web designer may be comfortable with Elementor, but not SSH. A sysadmin can script a full static site deployment using Static HTML Output without ever having to enter the WordPress admin dashboard.

Learn what makes sense for your ideal workflow.

Architectural choices

Host locally or on a VPS? Reduce risks with a staging server? We illustrate some common configurations with their strengths/weaknesses. Read more

Common workflows

Choose to control exactly when and how you deploy or automate the whole workflow! Read more

Local dev sites

Ususually more secure and powerful than a remote development server, with many options for all operating systems, including one designed specifically for WordPress to static site generation. Read more

Remote dev sites

When you need team collaboration on your site or local development isn’t an option, there are still good ways to secure your remote development server and get more cost efficient performance. Read more

Static site hosts

Maximize speed with global CDN-backed hosting or avoid any hosting costs by using one of the many free static site hosting offerings. Read more